The roots of the Chinese Canadian Medical Society (BC) go back to 1973.  Groups of Chinese-Canadian physicians gathered across Canada in reaction to a remark by the then CMA president, Dr. Bette Stephenson, about the large number of Chinese students in Canadian medical schools.  In May 1985, CCMS (BC) was legally constituted under the leadership of the late Dr. Jay Cheng (psychiatrist).  In 1990, Dr. Wallace Chung, a renowned vascular surgeon, was inducted as an Honorary Member of the Society.  In 1993, our constitution was amended to allow retired physicians, foreign physicians and physicians-in-training to become Associate Members.  In 2001, the late Dr. Kwok Chu Li, a renowned psychiatrist, was inducted as an Honorary Member.  Dr. Howan Koo (family physician) and Dr. Francis Ho (family physician) were inducted as Honorary Members in 2006.

  • To foster fellowship among the Chinese Canadian physicians of B.C.
  • To promote health awareness in the Chinese Community.
  • To advocate on health concerns of Chinese Canadians.  

Summaries of Activities

  • Physician Services:
    • Periodic educational dinner meetings & scientific meetings
    • Newsletters
    • Career Night for medical students
    • Mentorship program for medical students
    • Family Medicine career seminars for medical students
    • Scholarships - Dr. Jay Cheng Memorial Scholarship (UBC), Dr. Jay Cheng Prize in Psychiatry (UBC), CCMS (BC) scholarships
    • Distinguished CCMSBC Member Award
    • Liaison with other organizations as appropriate
  • Social Activities:
    • Annual dinner & dance
    • Chinese New Year Celebration
    • Periodic events (ping pong, golf, ski trip, CME tours, etc.)
  • Community Services:
    • Health Fair
    • Radio and T.V. programs
    • Asian Women Health Clinic
    • Vancouver Chinese Diabetic Education Centre