The CCMS Gala is back!

The CCMSBC 37th AGM GALA is held in person this year – after being on hold for two years due to the pandemic.  Once again, the gala was a successful and enjoyable event.  This year at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, we hosted one hundred and twenty guests. This included honorary guests from the BC Government, Doctors of BC, SUCCESS, Chinese Canadian Dental Society of BC, as well as friends and families from the community.

Our VIP guests Mr. David Eby (MLA and BC Premier hopeful), Dr. Ramneek Dosanjh (Doctors of BC President), Dr. Maria Chung (Board Director of SUCCESS), and Dr. Yuanyuan Chen (CCMCBC president) addressed the attendees, expressing the appreciation for CCMSBC’s efforts in promoting professionalism as well as fellowship and friendship among our colleagues and community.

CCMSBC Scholarship Awarded to UBC Medical Students

Two UBC Medical students have received the following scholarship for 2021 Winter Session:

Miss Simone Watts, a Year 2 student,  received the CCMSBC Scholarship.

Mr. Ricky Tsang,  a Year 3 student,  received Dr. Jay Cheng Memorial Scholarship. 

'Your awards give promising students access to a life-changing education, lessening their financial burden and recognizing students for their dedication and accomplishments. Awards like yours give students the confidence they need to succeed in their studies here at UBC and enables the university to recruit and retain talented scholars".

-Associate Director,  Awards | Campus Initiatives