Special Announcement: Annual Gala & AGM

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic crisis, with the recommendation by our provincial health officer, CCMSBC will not be able to host our annual gala in 2020.  We would like to thank all our members for their understanding during this unprecedented time and thank all of you for your past and ongoing support.  We look forward to having another Gala in 2021. 

Please note that we will still be holding an AGM, albeit in a virtual format.  Our President, Dr. Charles Jiang will be sending the general membership details about the AGM and how you can join this virtual meeting in due course.  Please stay tune. 

In the meanwhile, please stay safe and keep healthy!! 

Dr. Thomas Wong 

Gala Chair

President's Message regarding COVID-19

Dear Colleagues,

We witnessed rapid progress of the global COVID-19 virus outbreak over the last a few weeks, just after everyone‘s donations and support for the fight of novel coronavius in China. We are encountering an extreme situation that we have not before. There is daily updated information from the Government of Canada and BC CDC for both the public and health professionals. I am concerned about our member’s own health risk while we continue to provide the care of our patients, because we are the last resource for the public for this fight. We must protect ourselves. But I am glad that from all the measures announced from the government, health care provider’s risk protection is on the top priority including the COVID-19 testing eligibility.  Full message here.

Physician Call out: We are assisting Vanvouver Division of Family Practive to connect with physicians who want to help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you able to help? Please fill out this form.

Chinese-Canadian Doctors Organize Fundraising to Support the Fight against Novel Coronavirus Outbreak in China

In association with the WACD (World Association of Chinese Doctors) and other organizations, the CCMSBC (Chinese Canadian Medical Society BC), organized a fundraising event to support the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak in China. The conference and fundraising event was held on February 8, 2020 at Lipont Place in Richmond, BC.

Representatives of the CCMSBC, WACD, other organizations, as well as BC community leaders participated in the event. The CCMSBC members included Drs. Charles Jiang (President), Xingyong Wang, Thomas Wang, Yanyan Chen. Some CCMSBC members also represented the WACD: Drs. Kwang Yang (WACD, Canadian Division Chair), Dr. Susan Kwan, Dr. Youwen Zhou, and Dr. Jianming Song.  The event raised about 200,000 CAD (over 1 Million RMB) to support the battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China.

CCMSBC will continue to support the fight against the novel coronavirus outbreak, and will fully support WACD‘s efforts in this regard – especially their organization of two subcommittees dedicated to fighting this outbreak: the Specialty Advisory Committee and the Donation Coordination Committee. The CCMSBC board will continue to update our members with new information.

Chinese New Year Dinner Postponed due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Dear CCMS(BC) members,

In the light of current novel coronavirus concern and WHO’s declaration today as it “the new coronavirus outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern”, our CCMS(BC) board committee decided to postpone our traditional annual Chinese New Year celebration dinner until further notice.

Although the risk to local BC residents is low from Vancouver Coast Health (VCH)’s daily update information, we advise our members to follow proper respiratory hygiene etiquette during the cold and flu season. We look forward to meeting you in our next event.


Dr. Charles Jiang

President of CCMS(BC)  

Sino-Canadian Forum for Excellence in Residency Education

The inaugural Sino-Canadian Forum for Excellence in Residency Education (SCFERE) is being held in Shanghai, China from November 29–30, 2019.

Dr. Joanne Jia, CCMSBC Board of Directors

The conference was hosted by Chinese Medical Doctor Association (CMDA) and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada (RC) with the support of Shanghai Municipal Health Commission and the College of Family Physicians of Canada. The conference was organized by Shanghai Medical Doctor Association (SMDA). The main theme of the conference is “To draw on international experience and enhance the competence of medical educators”. There were about 1300 medical education leaders, program directors, and clinic educators from 14 different provinces, districts and municipalities who attended the conference. President Yanling Zhang and VP Xuejin Qi of CMDA, RC CEO Andrew Padmos and VP Asia Pacific Susan Brien, president Shirley Schipper of CFPC, VP Chengdong Yi of Shanghai Health Commission, President Jianguang Xu of SMDA and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. 14 Canadian medical education experts presented at the conference and shared their experience in the Canadian system including Competency Based Medical Education.

Dr. Joanne Jia, who is a board member of CCMSBC, was the principal organizer of the Forum. She played an instrumental role liaising and coordinating the various organizations of the two countries. As the regional director for Asia Pacific of Royal College International, Dr. Jia has been focusing on China over the past decade. Royal College is now involved in many projects in China, including accreditation of residency training sites, faculty development, and the Forum. Dr. Brian Wang, the president of CCMSBC, has also contributed significantly to this conference in the role of vice president of the General Practice Division of the World Chinese Doctors Association and as a consultant of CFPC.

Please refer to Royal College page for details

Other information of the Forum 


Dr. Brian Wang and Dr. Joanne Jia,  both members of CCMCBC Board of Directors, at “Sino-Canadian Forum for Excellence in Residency Education"

Hope for AIDS Impacted Children

CCMSBC Member Physicians on Creating a World of Hope for AIDS Impacted Children

CCMSBC member physicians, Drs. Hilary Hui, Susan Kwan and Charles Jiang participated in and helped fundraise in an event for Chi Heng Foundation Canada.  On September 23, 2019 鳳凰網美麗童行智行慈善晚宴 -  the IFRENG.COM “Forever Happiness” CHI HENG Foundation’s Splendid Kids’ Journey Gala raised over $900,000 for AIDS impacted children in China. 

These physicians also led a group of more than twenty medical professionals - including a team of registered nurses from Burnaby Hospital, BC - in travelling to HIV endemic villages in Henan Province, China in September 2018.  The CCMSBC medical group has enthusiastically supported life-changing programs of the Chi Heng foundation including educational programs promoting public health and community assistance services for HIV orphan youth in remote areas of China. In 2018, the CCMSBC also participated in a similar Chi Heng Foundation fundraising gala which raised more than $250,000 that year. 

Provided by Dr. Charles Jiang

Health Fair 2019: Another Successful Public Health Event


Health Fair 2019 was held on Sunday, September 15th at Bonsor Recreation Complex, Burnaby BC.  Many of our Board Members, both family doctors and specialists, volunteered their valuble time to participate in the event, organizing, fund-raising, and speaking at the Health Fair.  Our UBC medical student team, under the leadership of our three student representatives on the Board, organized the Blood Pressure Booth to present important information to the public.  The general attendance was overwhelming.  All the exhibitions and lectures were well recieved by the audience, using Mandarin and Cantonese.  Thanks to CCMSBC members, the Board of Directors, including our young budding doctors, the event was another success for our society.

Dr. Roger Wong, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, pictured with our team of UBC medical students at the Blood Pressure Booth.

For information of Health Fair: http://healthfairbc.com (view the poster for details)