Health Fair 2019: Another Successful Public Health Event


Health Fair 2019 was held on Sunday, September 15th at Bonsor Recreation Complex, Burnaby BC.  Many of our Board Members, both family doctors and specialists, volunteered their valuble time to participate in the event, organizing, fund-raising, and speaking at the Health Fair.  Our UBC medical student team, under the leadership of our three student representatives on the Board, organized the Blood Pressure Booth to present important information to the public.  The general attendance was overwhelming.  All the exhibitions and lectures were well recieved by the audience, using Mandarin and Cantonese.  Thanks to CCMSBC members, the Board of Directors, including our young budding doctors, the event was another success for our society.

Dr. Roger Wong, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, pictured with our team of UBC medical students at the Blood Pressure Booth.

For information of Health Fair: (view the poster for details)