Hope for AIDS Impacted Children

CCMSBC Member Physicians on Creating a World of Hope for AIDS Impacted Children

CCMSBC member physicians, Drs. Hilary Hui, Susan Kwan and Charles Jiang participated in and helped fundraise in an event for Chi Heng Foundation Canada.  On September 23, 2019 鳳凰網美麗童行智行慈善晚宴 -  the IFRENG.COM “Forever Happiness” CHI HENG Foundation’s Splendid Kids’ Journey Gala raised over $900,000 for AIDS impacted children in China. 

These physicians also led a group of more than twenty medical professionals - including a team of registered nurses from Burnaby Hospital, BC - in travelling to HIV endemic villages in Henan Province, China in September 2018.  The CCMSBC medical group has enthusiastically supported life-changing programs of the Chi Heng foundation including educational programs promoting public health and community assistance services for HIV orphan youth in remote areas of China. In 2018, the CCMSBC also participated in a similar Chi Heng Foundation fundraising gala which raised more than $250,000 that year. 

Provided by Dr. Charles Jiang