President's Message regarding COVID-19

Dear Colleagues,

We witnessed rapid progress of the global COVID-19 virus outbreak over the last a few weeks, just after everyone‘s donations and support for the fight of novel coronavius in China. We are encountering an extreme situation that we have not before. There is daily updated information from the Government of Canada and BC CDC for both the public and health professionals. I am concerned about our member’s own health risk while we continue to provide the care of our patients, because we are the last resource for the public for this fight. We must protect ourselves. But I am glad that from all the measures announced from the government, health care provider’s risk protection is on the top priority including the COVID-19 testing eligibility.  Full message here.

Physician Call out: We are assisting Vanvouver Division of Family Practive to connect with physicians who want to help respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you able to help? Please fill out this form.