Your Input Needed in a Survey

Have you experienced racism as a Chinese-Canadian? With the re-emergence of racism back in the spotlight in the minds of many, the Chinese-Canadian Medical Society of BC (CCMSBC) would like to know if our members or non-members who identify as Chinese-Canadian have been affected by racism in the past or present. As an organization hoping to serve the needs of and advocate for Chinese-Canadians physicians, trainees, and patients, your input on this survey is highly appreciated: 
This survey is an initial scoping assessment to better understand the current landscape. Your experiences and input shared on this survey will be used to identify the best possible avenues to pursue in support of our members and the Chinese-Canadian community.

All responses will remain anonymous unless you have otherwise specified. Please keep in mind patient confidentiality when sharing stories.

If you are a non-member and would like to become involved with our organization, please contact us through our website: