A brief survey on physicians' perceptions

Dear members,

Dr. Ging-Yuek Robin Hsiung, one of our life members, is asking for your help in filling out a brief survey.  Please see his message below.

Survey link: https://www.surveyfeedback.ca/surveys/wsb.dll/s/1g2d0e

Dr. Jen Yu

Survey on Computerized Cognitive Test Batteries: The Physicians’ Perspective
The problem:
There is a need for innovation in cognitive testing approaches to the assessment of memory and cognitive concerns. Screening tests lack sensitivity. Neuropsychological testing is largely unavailable. Self-administered Computerized Cognitive Test Batteries (CCTB) that reliably detect cognitive impairment, could provide the needed innovation.
A new CCTB:
UBC researchers from cognitive science, computer science, neuropsychology, geriatrics, and behavioural neurology have developed Cognitive Testing on Computer (C-TOC). C-TOC
has 12 tasks, covers all cognitive domains, and takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. It can be done in a clinic office, and has the potential to be done online in a home setting. C-TOC has been developed with input from patients referred for cognitive evaluation (end-users), and from a cultural advisory panel.
Your perspective on CCTBs:
In this survey we ask you questions about your perspective on CCTBs, their feasibility, and their utility. We would like you to imagine a CCTB like C-TOC:  an easy-to-use tool that has validity in detecting MCI and dementia, and that can help in the clinical diagnosis of these conditions, potentially even in the identification of the underlying etiology.

Survey link: https://www.surveyfeedback.ca/surveys/wsb.dll/s/1g2d0e