Joining a Type-2 Diabetes Study Group

Dear Members,

Please read the message from Allison of eHealth Strategy Office of UBC. You may want to print the poster and give it to your patents if they want to participate in the study.

Contact info:

黄小姐,中文研究調查負責人 -
內線69149 604-875-4111 內線 69149

Dear Dr. Yu:

I manage a research project based out of the eHealth Strategy Office with UBC’s Faculty of Medicine (the same office as the iCON project) which is exploring the feasibility of using mobile technology to support individuals with Type-2 diabetes (mDAWN). The study is 3-months in length and focuses on the use if three different technologies:

1.       SMS (text messaging) – participants are sent texts twice a week with short health tips, links to health resources, and health questions/challenges

2.       An electronic community of practice (eCOP) – participants are provided with a log-in to a website with health resources and a semi-facilitated discussion board where they can interact with others in the study

3.        Wireless monitoring devices – participants are provided with a wireless weight scale and blood pressure monitor which upload readings to a website so participants can track their measurements over time, as well as a standard blood glucose meter and pedometer, and asked to track their own health measurements

As this is a feasibility study our main research goal is to determine how these technologies fit into people’s lives, what barriers to adoption might exist, and whether or not general improvements in the health of participants can be seen. We are currently mid-way  through our second English-language study group and are hoping to launch a Chinese-language study group in early/mid-July.

I wanted to see if you might be able to help us recruit for this study. We do have a recruitment poster (attached in traditional Chinese) and I would be happy to send hard copies of the posters if you are able to put it up in your office or if you have other ideas for how it might be shared.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the study, or if you are able to assist us in our recruitment.

Thank you so much!