President's Message

Dear Colleagues,

The COVID-19 pandemic was hard for everyone in 2020. We still remembered how our

members were actively donating their savings and PPEs to the medical frontline of Wuhan China

fighting against Coronavirus in the beginning of 2020; then we had our first wave of COVID-19

pandemic crisis across Canada starting in March 2020. We faced lockdowns and a vast majority

of our group activities were canceled, including our traditional Gala dinner and Chinese New

Year celebration events. Some of us may have experienced difficulties in our clinic practices. We

are still struggling with the second wave of hardship and the uncertainty of virus variants. The

COVID-19 pandemic is the most serious public health crisis we have ever experienced.

With such an unprecedented change in the way we live and work, we were pushed to be more

resilient and creative. We had a successful online Health Fair in 2020. We saw the booming of

Tele-CMEs. We entered a new age of social interaction and professional practice including Tele-

Medicine. We also saw the beginning of the end of this historical unprecedented pandemic


This year, we will continue to maintain and strengthen our members' connections. We will

continue to support CMEs and health education events. We are also planning to create a platform

for all of our members to share, exchange practice-related information, so we can connect and

help each other more closely. I believe the challenges and the opportunities always co-exist. At

this special beginning of the Chinese New Year 2021, may the lucky Ox bring everyone the luck,

prosperity, health and peace!


Charles Jiang

President of CCMSBC